Why Do You Have to Clean Your Home Before You Move Out?

You’ve marketed your home for sale, found a buyer, obtained a decent offer, and sealed the deal. Everything is done on your end, right? Not necessarily. You might want to take the time to clean your home before you actually hand over the keys and settle into your new abode.


You’ll notice after you’ve moved all of your furniture and belongings that there are probably plenty of dust bunnies, scuff marks, and other issues that make the home look messy. While the new buyers may be able to accept the odd streaks and debris throughout your home, other cleaning offences may not go over so well.


Clean Your Home Before Your Move To Avoid Potential Issues


Aside from making yourself look bad, you may even be putting yourself in a position to have the contract delayed. Check over your purchase agreement. Some buyers might actually detail in the contract that they want the home to be clean and spotless before they move into it. If you agree with this condition and don’t follow through with your promise, you could be vulnerable to problems.


If you leave your home dirty and messy, the buyers might even delay the closing, bail on the sale, or even slap you with a lawsuit (worst case scenario!).


Your best bet is to make sure you clean your home before you move out in order to avoid all of these potential problems. It’s not only your responsibility, it’s also the right and courteous thing to do.


But if you’re like most people, you probably don have the time to spend on your hands and knees scrubbing years worth of filth that’s been built up. Not only do you likely have a full time job and a family, you’re also busy with your own move to your new home. Who has time to deal with cleaning up?


Hire the Experts in Residential Cleaning!


You’re in luck. These days, you don’t have to tackle this extremely time-consuming and tedious job all on your own. Make things easy on yourself and hire professional cleaning services who will clean your home before you move out. It’ll not only save you hours upon hours of cumbersome cleaning tasks, it’ll also make you look better to the buyers and avoid any potentially uncomfortable and costly issues.


At Refreshed Cleaning, we offer a host of different cleaning, janitorial and junk removal services. If you’ve accumulated a ton of items that you don’t want to take with you on your move but don’t know what to do with them, we’ll come in and eliminate them for you. If you’ve built up a huge amount of clutter, we’ll declutter your home on your behalf. Once your home is rid of all items, we’ll use our innovative cleaning tools, solutions and techniques to make sure your home is spotless by the time the new owners take over.


Take a load off and let Refreshed Cleaning Services clean your home for you when it’s time for he big move!

Selling Your Home? Get it Ready With a Thorough Clean-Up

When you put your home up for sale, you ideally want to sell quickly and for top dollar. One of the best ways to put your best foot forward is to make sure that your home presents itself well. Ideally, your home should be completely clutter-free, and be cleaned from top to bottom.


As homeowners, we all know how easy it is to accumulate items over the years. After living in the home for a certain amount of time, you may have steadily increased the number of belongings in your home, which can make it difficult to keep it neat and tidy, especially when your home is on the market for sale.


Yet de-cluttering is exactly what needs to happen in order to get your home ready for the market. Even before you list your home for sale, it’s critical to purge everything that you no longer need, and pack away everything else. The only things that should stay are items that make the interior appealing. Usually, this means taking a minimalist approach to your interior decor.


Once your home has been purged of all of its knick knacks, every surface needs to be cleaned. This includes the carpeting, tiles, hardwood, windows, counters, walls and ceilings. A deep cleaning job can turn your home from dingy to shiny, which is exactly what you want to impress buyers. De-cluttering and cleaning your home will give your place a new beginning, and will make it much easier for buyers to see your home’s potential.


If you’ve found yourself surrounded by a myriad of belongings, you may be overwhelmed with all the work involved. If that’s the case, you’ve got help available to you: ReFreshed Cleaning Services!


Our services are far-reaching: we’ll turn what seems like days worth of work and turn it into a quick and seamless clean-up job so you can get your home on the market sooner rather than later.


De-cluttering and cleaning can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive job. With full-time jobs and family life taking up so much of your schedule, you don’t have the time to painstakingly tackle this job on your own. Instead, using our professional services will ensure the job is done thoroughly and promptly.


Why Choose ReFreshed Cleaning Services?


There are numerous reasons to trust the services of ReFreshed Cleaning Services:


                     We have years of experience

                     We are fully ended and insured

                     All our employees are WSIB protected

                     We use top-notch equipment and cleaning products

                     Our prices are competitive


Before you list your home for sale, be sure to let Refreshed Cleaning Services get your home show-ready for all the buyers out there!

Proper Home Staging Starts With a Good Clean-Up Job

Imagine being a buyer who is visiting various properties in order to find your future home. Now imagine waking into a home that’s filthy and cluttered in every room, starting with the outside. That wouldn’t exactly turn you on and prompt you to put in an offer, would it?


If you’re selling your home, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that your home is cleaned and de-cluttered from top to bottom. The last thing you want is to send buyers in the other direction simply because you didn’t make the effort or take the time to clean the house up before listing it.


It’s been proven that homes that are professionally cleaned and staged sell for more money, and sell faster than homes that haven’t been adequately prepared for the market. Failure to bring your home up to par will only leave a lot of money on the table, and lead to a stale listing. Is that a gamble you’re willing to take?


To make sure your home is snatched off the market sooner rather than later, make sure you give your home a thorough clean up job. What does this involve?


Getting Rid of Clutter


Rent yourself a storage unit, and get rid of all the unnecessary belongings that are just making you home look messy and cluttered. The less you have in your home, the better.


Dusting From Top to Bottom


As soon as you start removing items, the first thing you’ll notice is plenty of dust. Get out your duster, and be sure to cover every surface, including baseboards, ceiling fans, bed frames, wall art, and even light switches.


Eliminating Foul Smells


Get a friend over to smell your home, and ask for an honest opinion. If there are any odours like cigarette smoke, pets, or funky foods detected, open all your windows to air out the home, and light a few candles to help nix the odours.


Cleaning Your Walls


It’s amazing how many marks and dirt can be found on walls when you really look closely at them. If they’re filthy, vacuum and wipe them down before letting any buyers in.


Cleaning Your Bathrooms


There’s nothing more off-putting than a disgusting bathroom. Make sure everything in these spaces is sanitized and sparkled.


Cleaning Your Kitchen


Get out your best cloths and scrubbers, and clean all the cabinets, knobs, counters, and appliances.


Sound overwhelming? No time to do all this work yourself? No problem.


There are services out there that are specifically designed to remove debris and junk, and clean homes from top to bottom so they look impressive to prospective buyers. At Refreshed Clean, we can tackle this enormous job for you so you can sit back and relax, knowing your home will be immaculate once we’re done.


Before you list your home for sale, call Refreshed Clean to get it ready for the market!