Cleaning is Essential

The real value of cleaning extends well beyond mere looks. It is a good investment in human health, the workplace environment and a better bottom line for any organization or property owner. A clean and well presented area will always draw more attention, clients and sales than a cluttered dirty area. Recently international research has centered in on the impact of a clean workplace. Having proper commercial cleaning protocols kept employees happy, and has also helped in reducing absenteeism, and consequently raised productivity and eventually profitability.

Some larger companies have tracked an increase in productivity for intervals before and after a good commercial cleaning services session, as well as noted significant cutbacks in absenteeism. This is a direct result towards the value of proper cleaning and frequencies on reducing the danger of workplace cross-contamination (the distributing of germs as well as bacteria between individuals, from touching meals, tools, equipment as well as surfaces). There isn't any doubt that the value of cleaning positively effects occupant health, improving productivity and also the bottom line profitability of an organization.

Some Factors That Are Affected by a Clean Environment:

Health: Studies show that proper cleaning that eliminates dust from working areas improves health and comfort levels in employees and customers alike by reducing allergens and illnesses.

Absenteeism: Less absenteeism due to less illness means that the workplace productivity goes up. Absenteeism leads to a disruption of the work flow, and in turn reducing productivity.

Property Image: Believe it or not, entrances and washrooms are the most important places in any property that impact on peoples’ opinion of a building or a house. These two areas are the most complained about in terms of cleanliness and upkeep.